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bwin体育, we’re committed to building a campus community where students flourish, 连接, and find meaning and feel optimistic about their future.

你well-being-physical, 社会, 情感, and spiritual—drives our commitment to integrating the core principles of well-being into campus learning 和活动. Through campus resources and on-going strategic visioning, we strive to support you become the best version of yourself at college and beyond. 

In the event of an immediate life-threatening crisis, please call 911.
Provide clear directions to your precise location.

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学生健康 provides physical health services to all students with nurses and a Physician’s Assistant available during regular hours. Physician Clinics are offered four days each week.

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The 健康促进 Team is excited to offer a variety of Presentations and Trainings to the Centre 社区 working closely with both Counseling and Health Services.

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Centre Counseling provides free and confidential mental health counseling and resources to all interested students.



The JED Foundation provides colleges and universities with tools to help protect student mental health and prevent suicide.


Student counseling resources as well as alcohol and drug education are available for all Centre students.

Counseling is available to interested students by appointment when classes are in session. The Centre Counseling office is located in the Parsons Center annex of Sutcliffe Hall on College Street.

Learn more about 学生心理咨询

In the event of an immediate life-threatening crisis, please call 911.
Provide clear directions to your precise location.

The Department of Public Safety: 859.236.4357.

After-Hours Centre Counseling Crisis Line: 859.319.1546

Emergency during normal business hours (8 a.m.-4 p.m.): 859.238.5530

Please state it is an emergency when the telephone is answered.

Note:  Counselors are in sessions most of the day and are usually unable to respond quickly to voicemails or e-mails. All during-the-day emergencies are referred to the above protocol and all after-hour emergencies are referred to our crisis line or to other crisis resources.

Alcohol and drug education and prevention programs are available through the 健康促进处.

Centre offers confidential counseling services for alcohol and drug abuse. Appointments for counseling may be made by calling 859.238.5740. 除了, Counseling Services can refer students to off-campus treatment resources and self-help groups in the community.

Learn more about Centre's Alcohol and Drug policies in the 学生手册

健身 & 娱乐

Developing good recreation habits contributes to your physical, 社会, and mental health. Centre provides many avenues for recreation including intramural sports, 健身运动, open gym and field space for impromptu student activity, as well as off-campus options like golf, 徒步旅行, 划独木舟, 和野营.
巴克健身bwin体育 weight room


This fully equipped fitness facility offers free weight, plate-loaded and machine lifting opportunities as well as a variety of aerobic machines.

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Designed to complement the overall recreational offerings to the college community, intramural sports create opportunities for healthy fun and friendly competition.

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健身 classes are led by experienced instructors and offered throughout the school year. Classes are free and open to all members of the College community.

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Strengthen your own faith tradition, ask tough questions in a safe environment, explore the traditions of others, and serve in ways that make the world a better place.

归属感 & 社区



bwin体育学生, community engagement is not just a one-time activity – it’s a way of life – an opportunity for the life-long integration of learning and service.

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多样性、股票、 & 包容

Centre promotes and sustains a diverse and inclusive learning, 生活, and working environment in which all members thrive and succeed.

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学生活动 & 组织

With more than 100 student clubs, 组织, 和活动, you can find where you belong at Centre.